Why Quuu was built Why Quuu was built

Why and how Quuu was built…

It all started off as a big idea in my head, which, from the moment it landed, had me excited to get started. I love that moment, the moment an idea pops into your head (which probably happens at least 3–4 times a day!).

I started off with a trello board building up a list of things I thought needed to be done. I then started an “MVP” board whereby I would add certain features from the original list to start stripping back the development time.

The landing page was ready to go. I planned to use Betalist to build up my first few hundred users, and since it’s Betalist, people expect a “not quite finished” product so it was perfect! Just before hitting submit, Buffer announced that they are switching off “content suggestions”. They were basically saying, as I thought, that the suggestions they were providing didn’t provide relevant, personalized content for each user.

This was perfect timing for Quuu, so I hit submit on Betalist and paid the fee to expedite the post. Whilst waiting for the post to go live, I amended a few things on the landing page, which was all down to the Buffer announcement. The main change was that Quuu posts are now pushed to your Buffer queue.

Quuu on Betalist

The numbers were looking good, with a conversion rate of around 60%, with 191 unique visitors and 115 users signing up in the first day. Surprisingly my use of Hellobar worked very well (and its free). I went for an exit popup as below which saved around 16 people leaving without signing up.

Quuu Founding Members


I’m a full-time designer, so I needed a developer to help build Quuu. Who better to ask than Mubashar Iqbal — the number 1 maker on Product Hunt.

Mubs at Quuu

Mubashar loved the idea of Quuu and thought it was perfect timing now that Buffer had switched off content suggestions, so he set to work!

Literally two days later, he got in touch with a working app and I was blown away. The guy is a machine and always produces quality work and ideas. We’ve been working together on the app, and now, we’re just making some final adjustments to the UI before sending invites!

Meanwhile, meanwhile…

After a few weeks we’ve pulled in 300+ users. I can’t wait to get things going and start testing the app over the next few weeks.

So why did I build Quuu?

I wanted to build Quuu to help people grow a targeted social following via relevant content suggestions, and also, I wanted to help authors share relevant content to thousands of users. (That’s the flipside to Quuu).

I’m now working on more ways to personalise the content for each user specifically, so stay tuned for that! 😉

If you can, please share Quuu as much as you can, I’d really appreciate the help. Without the founding members, Quuu would still be just an idea in my head…

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