The £84 Startup The £84 Startup

The £84 Startup

My startup (so far) has cost £84. That £84 was for the purchase of my domain and a listing on I put the landing page together, going back and forth making it just right, making sure I had everything a landing page should have. Something to grab attention and to immediately let visitors know what Quuu did and how it could help them.

Original Quuu Landing Page

Of the 300 visitors from, 190 users signed up!

So after 2 weeks from when the idea popped into my head, I had a potential user base to build upon.

The original idea for Quuu was much bigger than what it is right now. I stripped everything down to make an MVP sound more achievable in terms of development, and then I stripped that down too.

It’s been stripped down so much because just switched off content suggestions, so now Quuu is aiming at filling that gap, but will provide higher quality content over a larger range of categories/interests.

So now, the MVP is a pool of content across many categories. Users subscribe to categories that matter to them and their audience, then that content is queued via the users Buffer account.

If you’re interested in providing content to Quuu, check out Quuu Promote 🙂

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