Using Buffer’s social media calendar with Quuu

We were so excited to hear about Buffer’s latest feature launch, their Social Media Calendar. Let me tell you, this is going to come in very handy for us, and I’d imagine it will for most of you too.

In terms of the user experience, we’re all used to how a calendar works, most of us use iCloud Calendar, Sunrise or Google Calendar on a daily basis. So, cleverly, Buffer have opted for a familiar UX/UI that we’re all familiar with – grid layout, where you can see the whole week, or month ahead, and the ability to add, schedule, edit and drag and drop events – in this case your social media posts! So the first thing to say is that we love how simple it is to use, see for yourself, here it is in action:

Sure, their existing dashboard with the list of daily posts and the schedule for upcoming stuff, and analytics for previous posts is exceptionally good, and provides very useful information – but it’s not at a glance, and like everything that we look for these days, this Buffer Calendar is going to save us time, and give us a better idea, more quickly, of what’s going out when, allowing us to highlight times where we’re short on content – which shouldn’t be a problem for users of Quuu, who will have a constant stream of quality content going through to their Buffer 😉

For us, it was just one of those ideas where we were like…”why hasn’t this already been done?” lol, well I guess now it has, and I’m delighted that it’s Buffer who have done it, because now our Quuusers can further enrich and optimise their social media management experience.

We’d still highly recommend using this in conjunction with Buffer’s Optimal Timing Tool (found under the ‘Scheduling’ tab of your Buffer dashboard), this should evenly distribute your Quuu posts at the very best time for you at the click of button. 

We’d love to hear how you get on with the new social media calendar, and if you’ve already developed any novel ways of using it to gain a further advantage. Where do you see this feature going in the future?

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