Increase your chances of getting accepted on Quuu Promote Increase your chances of getting accepted on Quuu Promote

Increase your chances of getting accepted on Quuu Promote

Since we launched Quuu Promote we’ve had a phenomenal reaction and seen a marked increase in the quality of content that has been submitted for our users to share – which makes everyone very happy indeed! 

It’s always a shame when we have to turn down a submission and although we receive a lot of great content, it’s not uncommon to have to send an email giving feedback as to why a piece was not successful on this occasion. So I wanted to write this guide to help you improve your chances of getting your work into Quuu!

Quuu Promote Tips

  1. Do not use vulgarities
  2. Do not write sales focused pieces
  3. Do not be boring or take too long to get to the point
  4. Do not have a website that is difficult to view (too many adverts, intrusive pop-ups, mini-font, italicised font etc.)
  5. Do not write time-sensitive content that will expire soon or that is focused too strongly on national or religious holidays
  6. Do not submit dead links or links to a home page or index page, instead of the specific page
  7. Do not send non-English language content
  8. Do not submit content which is inappropriate, too specific or irrelevant to the intended category (if the category you’re after isn’t there, then let Quuu know)
  9. Do not be too strongly opinionated or biased towards the subject (this has to be shared by people who may not share your view)
  10. Do not be sloppy with grammar or spelling.

It’s important to say before I expand on any of these that we refund any posts that don’t make it through as soon as we get round to reviewing them, so you can’t lose really!

I appreciate it seems like there are a lot of ‘Do nots’ in the above 10 rules, but it’s only because there would be far too many ‘Dos’ to include and it wouldn’t be a very helpful post otherwise. So please don’t think that we’re sat here getting red pen happy and doing evil laughs whenever we have to turn down a submission, we really hate it, especially when the content is promising. There is always room for a sensible dose of common sense and leniency.

Not the Quuu team! Honest…


For example, grammar and spelling, we don’t reject an article because of one or even two typos. Errors are allowed because we know that not everyone is fluent in English and mistakes creep in, even the best of us commit typo offences (this doesn’t mean the author doesn’t have something interesting to say), but if there are too many, as much as we may wish to curate it, we simply cannot. Our criteria is that the reading experience is not too greatly interrupted or impeded by errors. We want Quuu shared content to be an enjoyable and fluid experience – as we always say, it’s about quality. That’s why we do this with people and not machines!

There are so many grey areas involved with curation and I’m always very happy and keen to discuss these with people because editing can be quite a subjective field, but these 10 rules above keep us all on the right track for quality content. It’s the very presence of these grey areas which shows us why it’s so important to have humans reviewing and sourcing this content.

If I could give one bit of killer advice to all our users and anyone wanting to use Quuu Promote, it would be to consider this when submitting content:

‘Would this article be gladly shared by everyone regardless of their country, sex or age in the interest category in which I’m submitting to?’

We try our hardest to always provide some constructive feedback as to why an article wasn’t accepted, but encourage all users to not be discouraged and keep submitting content because we’ve seen some incredible content turn-arounds, and this is very satisfying (everyone’s a winner!). Ask anyone who’s had work promoted using Quuu Promote, they’ll tell you it’s well worth it! 🙂

This next section is not relevant to the general public, but I wanted to share it nevertheless so that everyone can see the processes and standards that we hold ourselves, and our team of select Quuurators to in our work! So here are some additional rules that apply only to the actual act of curating by our Quuurators:


  1. Do not submit the same article to more than 1 interest category
  2. Research best hashtags to use to optimise your post for maximum exposure
  3. Mention the key people featured in the article if there’s space
  4. Do not add your username to a post where you are not responsible for authorship
  5. Before submitting, proofread all tweets and posts to avoid errors
  6. Customise all tweets and posts, do not use the default text dragged from the site – these have to be engaging – ask yourself if you would click this?

At present, although we can revoke Quuurator access at our discretion, we operate a 3 strikes policy, and we’re delighted that we haven’t yet had to use the “You’re ooooouuutttt of the game!!!!” line – so a big thank you to all our Quuurators for that, we appreciate all the hard work that you put in and are proud to be able to share your work with our users around the world!


If anybody has any questions about the above and wants to discuss in greater detail then please feel free to contact me via the Quuu live chat, or leave me a comment below!

  1. I have a three part article that I just published on my site. How would you work the charges for that? It’s not a sales story in any way but a comparison (unbiased) about two transportation companies. Would that be $30? Just wondering.


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