It's a KO for Quuu vs. The Big 3 It's a KO for Quuu vs. The Big 3

It’s a KO for Quuu vs. The Big 3

Over the past 30 days, we’ve run an ad campaign across the three major ad networks (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) and wanted to compare the results to using Quuu Promote.

We spent $25 on each platform to see which generated the most traffic. You can see Part 1 of the campaign here which we wrote about after 14 days.

Link click stats after 30 days:

Facebook: 0 link clicks with £17.69/$25 spent

Twitter: 40 link clicks with £17.69/$25 spent

LinkedIn: 9 link clicks with £17.69/$25 spent

Quuu: 283 link clicks with £17.69/$25 spent

Quuu has a lot of growing to do, so seeing results like these fill us with joy! Things will only get better for Quuu as we grow and improve the platform ?

I’m sure, if you increased your budget on the other platforms, you could achieve better results, but for $25, Quuu is the winner.

Quuu sends content out to all the platforms mentioned above, so promote with Quuu to reach Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ at the same time. Not only will your social activity increase, traffic to your blog will too.

We can’t wait for you to try out Quuu Promote and let us know your thoughts in the comments ?

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