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Quuu defaults to quality when it comes to content

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Quality control is the business process that governs everything we do and is the key to why Quuu works. This is our USP, it’s what we pride ourselves on and it’s the characteristic that we feel should make Quuu feel special.

Recently to celebrate the New Year 2016, we were delighted to launch Quuu Promote where non-Quuurators can promote their own work by having it added to the content share pool and distributed at random to all our Quuusers who are subscribed to that particular interest category.

This understandably raised a few concerns among our discerning users. Their concern being that with people paying to have their content curated, the quality of Quuu posts would be diminished because we’d be willing to widen our curation criteria in order to take more money.

We completely understand this, but this would be catastrophic for all concerned. If we were to compromise our principles because of some shortsighted greed we’d not only weaken our USP, but we’d lose the trust of our Quuusers, which would diminish the perks of being a Quuurator, and consequently we’d be left with too little quality content to make Quuu work.

In the same way that Buffer default to transparency, without wanting to copy them too closely, we default to quality, and we’d like to assure everybody that the consequences of us not allowing quality to take precedence over money would be a disaster and a failure for us – so we’ll never let this happen!

Enjoy using Quuu whether you’re a Quuuser or a Quuurator or both – let us know in the comments what you think, and feel free to suggest and vote on new features using our OpenVoyce channel.

Thanks for reading or watching 🙂

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