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Author - Lucia Powell

Quuu Promote Best Practices

Best practices for promoting content in Quuu Promote

One question we get asked a lot is ‘What are some best practices for promoting content in Quuu Promote?’ So we decided to write the ultimate guide to content promotion in Quuu, sharing best practices to set you up for success. Content promotion is a...

Diversity in tech

Diversity in tech: a Q&A with Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

In the first season of Conversations With Quuu, B2B SaaS Consultant Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré joined me to discuss their career path, startup growth, customer success, and entrepreneurship. However, what really stayed with me from our conversation...

Remote working activities to try with your team in 2019

When Quuu’s co-founders, Daniel Kempe and Matthew Spurr, wanted to get their business idea off the ground, not paying for an office was an obvious way to reduce overheads. However, remote working soon became a permanent mindset, rather than a money...

Using GIFs and memes in marketing

Using GIFs and memes in marketing: the complete guide

It’s been said that meme marketing is the new influencer marketing. According to some reports, brands see a much higher ROI from working with meme accounts than traditional influencers. So, if you’re not using GIFs and memes in marketing, you could...

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