The Diary of a Content Manager – 10 Random Things I’ve Learned Reviewing Content at Quuu


Just when you think you know everything you need to know, you become a content manager at Quuu Promote and learn approximately 5 billion new things in 3 months… not to be dramatic or anything.


I’m here to tell you the top 10 random facts I’ve learned from reviewing the breadth of categories available, but first…

What is Quuu?

Quuu is a place where you can find a diverse range of hand-picked content to enjoy and share. We have a wonderful team of content managers (me included, hey!) who spend the majority of their days reviewing content submitted by content creators to ensure you get the best experience as you browse and enjoy!

There are over 400 categories (no, I did not stutter) to browse through, so challenge us to not have at least one category to suit your interests or niche. Go on. I dare you.


As Quuu is constantly growing and evolving, we’re always developing new ideas to make Quuu a place for not only growing your social media presence, but a place where you can come and find interesting content to enjoy, to learn, and to communicate with other content creators.

Our new app, Quuu Discover, has recently launched and we’re here to celebrate the extensive range of categories we have available that you may not be able to find anywhere else! 

Now, here are my top 10 facts I’ve learned in my 3 months reviewing content at Quuu:

Yoga can help improve the condition of cancer patients.

Category: Health & Fitness

You heard that right!

This post submitted by discusses a study carried out in 2018 that found yoga could improve physical and psychological symptoms felt by cancer patients. This is due to yoga naturally altering the cellular environment and boosting immunity preventing tumour progression… High five, yoga!

“The study found that the development of tumors is linked with an impaired immune system. Yoga naturally alters the cellular environment and boosts immunity, which increases the likelihood of preventing tumor progression (tumorigenesis) and can help cure and prevent cancer. The study also found that yoga, combined with meditation, can slow tumor growth.”

This article also discusses how yoga can:

  • Help improve sleep
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Relieve pain 
  • Improve appetite
  • Reduce sleep disturbances

Making this a perfect practice especially for cancer patients, but also for anyone who’s mind and body need a lil’ TLC.

Isn’t it crazy how your body works and how yoga and meditation can affect what’s going on inside? Mind = blown.

Social media is hella addictive. Like, genuinely.

Category: Social Media

I mean, we all kinda knew. But the extent is probably more than you first imagined.

This article submitted by discusses how a minority of people genuinely become addicted to social media in the same way others become addicted to alcohol or gambling. However, most heavy users are known more as habitual users rather than addicts. 

The thing that keeps many of us coming back is mainly due to the ‘rewards’ that we get from using social media. These ‘rewards’ could be in the form of messages, likes, comments, etc. which make us feel good (…admit it, we all love a cheeky like!), but the unpredictability of when we will get these ‘rewards’ is what keeps us checking. And checking. And checking…


We humans like to be socially competitive, so when the ‘like’ button got introduced it meant we could keep count of how many we got on a post. And sadly, the more ‘likes’ we got, the more it boosted our self esteem.

“Another key ingredient that facilitates habitual social media use is the ‘like’ button. The feature is such a simple characteristic but has reaped huge rewards in terms of individuals repeatedly coming back to check their social media platforms, and what some have described as a ‘craving for validation’.”

This article is great at highlighting the effects of social media and makes you think about whether the next ‘like’ is worth the stress. 

What are your thoughts on the effects of social media?

You can make your photos come to life in Photoshop!

Category: Photography

Now I’m no Photoshop wiz, but even I feel like I could follow this tutorial submitted by on making your photos come ALIVE.

This video shows exactly how to create an animated background on a range of photos that you can use for so many occasions. It’s a simple step–by-step using only Adobe Photoshop that gives a creative piece of media for you to use or share.

The reason this article stood out is how simple it is to follow, so even the not-very-technical-minded can follow and create great animations!

How to be happy in just 6 steps.

Category: Self Improvement

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy. It’s all that matters.” —Audrey Hepburn

I think we all need to take a leaf out of Audrey’s book, and tells us exactly how to do that in this article.

According to the article, happiness is all about perception, like seeing the glass half full! It’s a mindset that can turn everything around.

The 6 steps given in the article are:

  1. Practice positive reframing
  2. Evaluate your negativity bias
  3. Savor the simple things
  4. End the comparison game
  5. Don’t disconnect
  6. Let go of ‘destination addiction’

By practicing the 6 steps outlined above we can all achieve a bit more happiness in our lives! You can read the full article for an indepth look into each step.

“When you shut down emotion, you’re also affecting your immune system, your nervous system. So the repression of emotions, which is a survival strategy, then becomes a source of physiological illness later on.” – Dr. Gabor Mate

The full article is a great read for anyone looking for a bit of self improvement, and there are many other inspiring and interesting articles in this category!

The Blue Hole Belize used to be a cave that collapsed underwater leaving a huge sinkhole.

Category: Travel

Okay. I’ve found my next bucket list destination. Can we just take a moment…


This sinkhole is located in Central America and was once a cave that flooded because of rising ocean levels. The roof then collapsed under the pressure leaving a giant sinkhole on what is now the ocean floor. 

The sinkhole is approximately 1,000ft wide and 400ft deep and was made famous by ocean explorer Jaqcues Cousteau. It is now one of the top 10 diving sites in the world!

This article by describes everything you need to know about visiting and diving in this fabulous reef. Who else is adding this to their travel list?

Mirroring coworkers communication styles will make the workplace more productive.

Category: Business Management

In this article by, different communication styles are discussed and compared. I’ve never thought that much into working and communication styles, but this article could have definitely helped me in the past!

“Adjust yourself to their communication style, but be yourself. When you mirror effectively, it makes the other person comfortable with you, even in situations where you have different perspectives.”

Everyone is different in the way that they work and communicate. This is based on personality as well as other attributes. Mirroring someone’s communication style (without mimicking) can be a great tool for ensuring a smooth running workplace as well as great working relationships. Mirroring could be in the form of speaking (or even breathing) at a similar pace and making similar gestures.


Little tweaks like this can greatly improve productivity, so give this article a read for some great tips on improving communication in the office, or virtually!

The Ratner Effect

Category: Business Strategy

Have you ever heard of the Ratner Effect? I hadn’t until this post by 

Gerald Ratner inherited his fathers jewellery business in 1984 and had managed to turn this small retail business into a multi-million dollar empire. He was rolling in it. 

Ratner’s stores were a household name and the place where working class men and women bought their jewellery, especially engagement and wedding rings. Now everything was going great, until one day when he appeared as a guest speaker at the Institute of Directors in 1991 and decided to unravel his entire life and empire. 

When asked how it was possible for his company to sell a sherry decanter for just £4.95, his response was… 

“How can you sell this for such a low price?”, I say, “because it’s total crap.”


He then proceeded to say that his company…

“Sold a pair of earrings for under a pound, which is cheaper than a shrimp sandwich from Marks and Spencer, but probably wouldn’t last as long.”

*Facepalms harder*


Following this atrocity, the company’s shares dropped £500 million in days and Ratner lost his playboy lifestyle and job. It’s fair to say honesty isn’t always the best policy. 

Everything I thought I knew about wine glasses is a lie.

Category: Wine & Viticulture

Now this is my kinda category. Although I never realised there was so much thought that should go into the wine glasses you pick to enjoy your glass (or bottle) of wine at the end of the week!

This article by discusses the history of the wine glass, the different styles of wine glasses, and which glass you should be choosing for your preferred wine. 

As a rule of thumb:

  • Red wine glasses have rounder bowls
  • White wine glasses have U-shaped, upright bowls
  • Sparkling wine glasses have tall flutes
  • Dessert wine glasses are smaller

As well as the rules above, there are also rules within each rule. For example, there are 3 types of red wine glasses that complement different types of red wine:

  1. Bordeaux glass – Wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, or Bordeaux blends are meant to be served in a taller glass creating more space between the wine and nose allowing room for ethanol vapors to escape.
  2. Standard wine glass – Great for medium to full bodied red wine like Syrah or Malbec. The glass has a smaller opening to soften the spicy expression as it hits your tongue.
  3. Burgundy glass – For lighter, more delicate red wines like Montrachet. The larger bowl creates space for aromas to collect.

So much to think about… So much wine…


You can continue to learn all of the different wine glasses and their purpose in the article, but I think for now I’ll stick to my go-to glass sitting right in my cupboard!

Handbags were originally a man’s accessory.

Category: Womens Fashion

Yep, it’s true! According to this article by, in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics there have been drawings showing men carrying pouches around their waists; and Stone Age purses have been found covered in dog’s teeth! Men definitely had their accessorizing down to a T. 

Throughout time, however, handbags became inevitably linked with femininity, but then circled back to the unisex item we think of today. I mean, pockets can only hold so much, right?

Maybe that’s why a woman’s purse looked so good on Joey, a man.


As well as this great fact, this post gives a brief history of the handbag. It also shows the oldest (and probably most intricate) handbag in the world discovered in Northern Iraq and dates back all the way to the 14th century!

This is definitely an interesting read for the handbag and history enthusiasts.

Massages can boost your immune system!

Category: Holistic Health

Reason 10,001 why massages are great! This post by explains why getting a lymphatic massage is a great tool to boost your immune system. 

According to this post, the lymphatic system is a critical part of the immune system acting as the body’s inner ‘drainage system’. The network of blood vessels and lymph nodes carry fluids from tissues around the body into the blood and vice versa. 

“The lymphatic system maintains host peripheral tolerance during normal conditions, and quickly initiates protective immunity against foreign antigens upon stimulation. The lymphatic capillaries, collecting lymphatic vessels, and lymph nodes coordinate efficient antigen delivery, antigen presentation, and cell–cell interaction.”

This article is interesting as it lists many other benefits for people who experience:

  • High stress
  • Lack of energy
  • Skin disorders
  • Depression

The list goes on. I think I’ll be signing up for a lymphatic massage very soon!

So that’s it! My top 10 random facts I’ve learned reviewing content at Quuu, and I’m sure there will be so much more to discover.

Make sure to get in touch with us if you have any questions about Quuu Discover and we’ll be happy to discuss!

What’s been your favorite fact? Leave a comment below to let us know!