@Quuu_co returns the love... @Quuu_co returns the love...

@Quuu_co returns the love…

You may have read or heard about our recent successful launch on Product Hunt (if not then you can read about it here), but what you may not know is that during the launch we were giving away 10 free lifetime Amazing Plans (which is our premium plan where you get access to unlimited interest categories and up to 10 Quuu posts per day).

We just left a message at the end of our welcome email asking that our new users tweeted the following tweet:


After 24 hours we had 22 shares and a reach of 38,461 people – this more or less doubled over the next 7 days, but we had already announced our winners, and here they are…


We have already upgraded all the winners:











…and we’re looking forward to hearing how they get on as Amazing Users of Quuu.

Although these were the 10 winners, we wanted to thank everyone who shared the link and indeed everyone who has shown their support for Quuu so far, it means a lot and we love being able to give back to the Quuumunity in ways such as this.

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