Are your social media photos letting you down? Here’s how to fix them

Studies have found that 90% of all information transmitted to our brains is visual – meaning your social media photos are an unmissable opportunity to capture your followers’ attention. 

It’s not enough to write good blog posts and snappy captions in the increasingly competitive world of online marketing. Visuals are the first thing your audience sees, so you need to hook them straight away.

However, this can be a challenge if you’re not a natural at design and photography! Luckily, Digital Strategist & Consultant Shane Barker has shared his top tips and tricks for making sure our social media photos never let us down again.

Next time you’re creating visuals for social media, work through the steps on this cheat sheet to leave a lasting impression on your audience’s minds, grow your following, and significantly boost engagement.


Fix up your social media photos


Can you think of anything else we may have missed? What, according to you, makes a great photograph? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


Shane Barker