The Quuumunication Infrastructure The Quuumunication Infrastructure

The Quuumunication Infrastructure

At Quuu we work remotely, which means the world is our office. At present we’ve got myself and Dan in the UK and Seth and Mubs in The U.S. We intend to continue working remotely as we grow and that means that we need to have a pretty slick online infrastructure to ensure the right levels of productivity and communications between our team and, of course, you, our users!

So here’s what we currently use to Quuumunicate 😉 (that’s right, I went there, and plenty more where that came from!):


Slack is probably our most used tool, it helps us to focus our chats into relevant channels which make it easier for us to reference past discussions based on the subject (marketing, user requests, new features etc.). Aside from being a really fun brand and really intuitive to use, Slack reduces the volume of our internal emails by pretty much 99%. It also means that we can be more transparent and discuss ideas and projects as a team. The fact that Slack channels are so fluid across our desktops, mobiles, tablets and laptops means that we can actually function far more quickly and efficiently than if we were all in the same room together. Increased, focus, transparency, productivity and awesome gif usage!


We’ve experimented with quite a few tools in the past as individuals, but we are all agreed that Trello’s simple approach to task/project management, planning and brainstorming provides us with the transparency and flexibility that suits our teamwork best. Simplicity and transparency is key for us!


The recent introduction of Intercom onto our website was a welcome one, we can now engage in live chat with you guys about your experiences of Quuu. We were always agreed that we wanted to understand the needs and experiences of our users in a more personalised way, to allow us to have better quality discussions and be in tune with your needs as a user. The human touch is imperative to our ethos, which is why being able to record our interactions with users and Quuurators is probably our most exciting infrastructure tool. Feel free to stop by the site and have a chat 🙂 So far we have an average response time of 1 minute and we have responded to every single one of you who got in touch.


Sometimes we like to have a face-to-face discussion and so jumping on a Skype call is our preferred conferencing tool, but conferencing is perhaps a little too formal for how our calls are conducted 🙂 For us it’s more about remembering that we’re dealing with actual people and not just profile pictures!

Quuu Conference

If you’ve come across a tool that’s really revolutionised your business’s communications then please tell us about it in the comments! Of course, we are also all on Twitter so you can follow the whole team at Quuu on the following links: 

Daniel – @DanielKempe

Matt – @MatthewSpurr

Mubs – @MubasharIqbal

Seth – @SethLouey

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