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Case Study: How Eu Natural used Quuu Promote to generate 40K+ social media shares

Eu Natural case study

Social media shares are an important metric for your content marketing. However, they can be hard to come by if you’re still growing your audience, don’t have a huge promotion budget, and don’t have the time to spend on manual outreach.

In this case study, we’re going to look at how Eu Natural overcame these obstacles and generated over 40,000 social media shares using Quuu Promote.

Eu Natural is a wellness brand that empowers consumers to take control of looking after their health. Working with medicinal and herbal professionals, they create 100% natural health supplements, which are shipped directly to your door.

However, Eu Natural is more than just an eCommerce site; they’re on a mission to improve healthcare all over the world. In partnership with Vitamin Angels, one year’s worth of vitamins is given to a child in need for every bottle purchased on Eu Natural.

The company has been offering natural solutions to a variety of health complaints, from joint pains to poor focus, for six years now – and we’re proud to have counted them as a Quuu Promote user for two of them! Publishing high quality, helpful content has been key to Eu Natural’s marketing strategy. Their blog sets the record straight on a huge range of symptoms and complaints, arming their readers with the facts they need to make smarter decisions about their health.

Eu Natural’s blogging strategy

The Eu Natural team use WordPress to publish one to two articles per week, which usually deal with specific health concerns (for example, ‘Cold Therapy for Migraines: Does Applying Cold Really Help Reduce Migraine Pain?’). Vinay Amin, founder, explains that the objective of Eu Natural’s blogging strategy is to “help readers solve their issues with natural solutions”. Providing their audience with genuine value, rather than sales-focused content, is a long-term strategy that has helped the brand build a loyal, engaged following.

Twitter (9K followers) and Facebook (8K followers) are Eu Natural’s main distribution channels for their blog content, but, as any marketer will know, it’s become increasingly difficult to reach their target audience over the years. They knew that their approach to organic promotion – “creating new posts and hoping [they] get picked up and found naturally” – wasn’t working in the saturated world of online content.

The Eu Natural team decided to test out Quuu Promote as a way to help with content visibility and drive social media shares whenever they published a new post.

How Eu Natural used Quuu Promote to boost social media shares and blog traffic

Since signing up two years ago, Eu Natural have run 91 promotions in Quuu Promote. They promote between 4 and 8 posts each month, usually in our health and fitness related categories. In total, their posts have received over 40,000 social media shares and over 6,000 link clicks.

“It is our main platform we use to market our new posts to the public,” says Amin.

In addition to the traffic Quuu Promote has driven to Eu Natural’s website, one of the main benefits for Amin is the increase in web mentions generated by the social media shares (which can help boost SEO). Quuu Promote offers a worthwhile ROI for Amin, helping Eu Natural “save money on marketing [their] posts” in comparison to costly Facebook ads, for example.

Of course, the big difference between Quuu Promote and other paid content promotion platforms is that it earns your content social media shares from real people in your niche. Indeed, the most obvious advantage for Amin when he signed up was “the wide variety of bloggers that could share our content”. For Eu Natural, Quuu Promote “helps save time on marketing, instead of doing outreach manually”. Those hours that could be spent on laborious email outreach can be devoted to achieving other business goals – Eu Natural are focusing on producing more content in 2019.

Eu Natural’s results using Quuu Promote

Let’s take a look at three of Eu Natural’s top performing promotions in Quuu.

Social media shares from Eu Natural's promotion (1)

Social medis shares from Eu Natural's promotion (2)

Social media shares from Eu Natural's promotion (3)

Those are some pretty impressive share and click rates! So why did they do so well? Let’s break each of them down.

1. The Five Main Symptoms of Body Inflammation

Interest category: Health & Fitness (483 subscribers)

Short share: The Five Main Symptoms of Body Inflammation via @EuNaturalHealth https://app.quuu.co/r/oglrar #health

Long share: The Five Main Symptoms of Body Inflammation https://app.quuu.co/r/oglrar


Eu Natural promotion image 1


What jumps out at us straight away in this promotion is the image. It immediately gives us something to relate to, since most of us (glued to our screens as we are!) have experienced neck pain at some point in our lives.

The headline then suggests we should know more about this problem in order to address it; “you need to know” is a strong hook. Furthermore, Eu Natural have followed our recommendations for crafting the short share text, including their Twitter handle (which will notify them every time their post is shared) and a relevant hashtag. The interest category Health & Fitness is highly relevant for this topic.

2. 8 Essential Hand and Finger Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

Interest category: Health & Fitness

Short share text: 8 Essential Hand and Finger Exercises for #Arthritis Pain Relief https://app.quuu.co/r/l–rn-

Long share text: 8 Essential Hand and Finger Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief https://app.quuu.co/r/l–rn-


Eu Natural promotion image 2


This is an example of a strong headline. We know that lists are a proven form of successful content, the title clearly presents a problem and a solution, and the power word ‘essential’ creates a sense of urgency.

While we do recommend changing the share text to something slightly different from the headline (a stat from the article, a question, a quote, etc.), simply using the headline seems to have worked perfectly well for Eu Natural in this promotion.

Again, the image is compelling, presenting a solution to the problem of arthritis pain.

3. Learn How To Sleep Better With These 9 Best Sleep Relaxation Techniques

Interest category: Health & Fitness

Short share text: Learn How To #Sleep Better With These 9 Best Sleep Relaxation Techniques @EuNaturalHealth https://app.quuu.co/r/l-llo-

Long share text: Learn How To Sleep Better With These 9 Best Sleep Relaxation Techniques https://app.quuu.co/r/l-llo-


Eu Natural's promotion image 3


It’s no surprise that this topic was one of Eu Natural’s top performing posts! Who doesn’t want a better night’s sleep?

“Learn how to sleep better” is a powerful hook, and combined with the list of relaxation techniques, this promises to be a super actionable, potentially life-changing post. This time around, Eu Natural have included their Twitter handle and the hashtag #sleep – which, as you might imagine, is incredibly popular!

The image illustrates the post’s promised outcome, showing a woman who looks like she’s just woken up from a restful night’s sleep.

Best practices for Quuu Promote

To recap, here are some best practices we’ve learned from Eu Natural’s promotions:

  • Use numerical lists in your headlines
  • Use power words and phrases: ‘best’, ‘essential’, ‘need to know’
  • Clearly state the content’s value proposition e.g. ‘Learn how to sleep better’
  • Include a relevant hashtag and your Twitter handle in the short share text
  • Upload a strong header image to accompany your post: photos of people overlaid with text are highly engaging

For Amin, however, success in Quuu Promote ultimately comes down to one thing: “Have amazing and relevant content.”

We hope it’s been helpful for you to see how a brand like Eu Natural is using Quuu Promote to boost social media shares and blog traffic. If you have any questions or would like to share your own success stories, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lucia Fontaina-Powell

Lucia Fontaina-Powell

Lucia is a marketing strategist, content writer and community builder who works with early stage and scaling startups. Based in London, she spends her spare time mooching around art galleries, browsing in secondhand bookshops, falling over in yoga classes, and, most importantly, eating.

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