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How to build the perfect content calendar

Many of you reading this post will know who Gary Vaynerchuck is. If you don’t, you should definitely look him up. Something he says frequently is this: “putting out great content is always the right idea.”

However, there’s one slight problem with this, Gary. What if you don’t know what great content looks like? Where do you get started?

Fear not! Myself and the team at Quuu are here to give you a helping hand. We’ve created a content calendar template that you can use to make sure 2018 is your strongest year to date.

Oh, and did we mention? It’s free.

content calendar

Before diving straight into the content calendar itself, let’s step back a little and discuss why it’s important to have a clear strategy and what quality content looks like.

Why is it important to have a clear content strategy?

Having a clear strategy will ensure that you get the greatest return on investment from the time you spend on social media. More importantly, having a content strategy in place makes it much easier for you to produce and share quality content that your audience will enjoy at scale.

When building out your content strategy for the year ahead, it’s important that you focus on:

  • Setting clear goals
  • Understanding your target market
  • Identifying the best channels to distribute and share your content
  • Establishing a set of topics that will ultimately add value to your audience

It’s really important that you understand who your target buyer persona is ahead of creating your content plan. If you need any help with that we’d recommend checking out this post.

This content calendar is here for you to experiment with. Make a copy for yourself, then make changes as you see fit. We’d love to see your results when you’re done!

Enough of the fluffy stuff, let’s get into it.

Sheet 1 – Setting goals & creating themes

content calendar

There’s nothing better for the brain than setting goals each and every month. When working on content creation, you should always have an end goal in mind. We think 3 goals for each month should be plenty, that way you can remain laser-focused.

Once you have your goals written down, pick a theme for the month. Choosing a theme makes the content creation process much faster and gives your content a really strong focus.

Having a monthly theme is something I had never tested before until this year and it’s definitely something my audience are enjoying. This is just some of the feedback from my Facebook Group, Sell More With Social Media.

content calendar

Once you have your theme, you can then break this down into subtopics. I’ve been experimenting with turning each subtopic into a weekly focus. For example, my January theme was prospecting. I then then broke this down into four weekly subtopics – LinkedIn prospecting, Cold Email, Twitter Prospecting and Facebook Prospecting.

Having this planned out ahead of time has made content creation so much easier. If you’re still struggling for content ideas here is where the second sheet of the content calendar will help you.  

Sheet 2 – Content ideas

content calendar

The number one content question people ask me is usually something like this: “How do I come up with a good enough idea to get someone to care and what to read more?”

With content creation, my advice is simple: always focus on value. Give away as much information as you possibly can to someone for free. Write something that is going to help the reader. This sheet in the template will help you come up with the best content ideas that are going to add value.

You start by choosing some key topics. You then make notes of things like pain points your customers will face, success stories you have, most common questions, common mistakes and many more.

Once you’ve filled this out, you’ll have a pre-created list of blog topics and social media posts. Now you just have to go away and create them.

For tips about amplifying your content once it’s been created, check out this post.

Sheet 3 – Content schedule

content calendar

The third and final piece of this jigsaw is the content schedule. It breaks down day by day so that you can schedule and keep track of what you’re going to be posting and where.

This is currently set up for my personal branding content, but the power of this free template is that you can edit and change as you wish.

I use this to monitor any guest appearances I have as well as organising my content before loading it up into a scheduling tool. Doing it this way ensures that I have really good visibility over all of my content channels.

content calendar

Now it’s your time to shine! Go away and experiment with this content calendar. I can guarantee that if you implement it today you’ll start seeing better results from your social media and content campaigns.

If not we’ll give you your money back…. just kidding. This was free, remember?

Dylan Hey