What we do and don’t accept on Quuu Promote

At Quuu, we pride ourselves on the fact that we take the time to hand pick (or curate) content for you to share with your following. That way, there’s no chance of boring or offending your audience.

I’ve blogged about this process before, but as every good company should do, we like to review our processes continuously to ensure constant improvement. We base a lot of this on feedback from you guys, and a pinch of common sense.

Here is a sneak peak at rules that we use behind the scenes for selecting content we receive via Quuu Promote.

Binary: Rules For Exclusion

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the following 13 questions, then the article is not suitable:

B1 – Is there bad language or vulgarity?

This includes swearing, graphic images and ‘adult’ content.

B2 – Is it sales-focused or promotional in nature?

We can’t accept landing pages, adverts, trailers, competitions, challenges, gated content, or posts that focus heavily on affiliate links.

B3 – Is it in any language other than English?

B4 – Is the website difficult to view?

Too many adverts, intrusive pop-ups, and small or illegible fonts can all make content difficult to read.

B5 – Is the content time-sensitive?

This includes content that will soon be out of date, like news coverage.

B6 – Are there obvious or repeated grammar, punctuation or spelling errors?

We all make mistakes, but if they are distracting from the content, we would have to reject.

B7 – Is it a home page, index page or social media post?

We can only accept individual pieces of content hosted on a website, blog or content platform (e.g. Medium). We also accept content from LinkedIn Pulse and YouTube.

B8 – Is the content too specific, or irrelevant for the intended category?

For example, content that is only relevant to a specific location, or is about a very niche topic.

B9 – Are there any dead links?

B10 – Is the content too strongly opinionated or biased?

Your post may be shared by people who do not have the same views.

B11 – Has the article already been published in another category?

This helps us avoid sending duplicates. If you’d like to try another category, you can do so once the first promotion is finished.

B12 – Is there already more than 33% content in one interest category from this source?

This rule helps us keep content varied for Quuu users. If we have too many posts from the same source, we will let you know.

Subjective: Rules For Inclusion

S1 – The content must be deemed to provide sufficient interest or value.

Content that is declined for this reason could be too brief, take too long to get to the point, or not offer enough insight.

S2 – The content cannot be deemed to be too offensive, shocking or inappropriate.

Many people share Quuu content from professional or company social media accounts. We have to bear this in mind when reviewing submissions.

We hope that you’re happy with the content suggestions we provide. We truly care about the work we do and want to make sure we’re finding you the right stuff to share.

Matthew Spurr

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